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PISA 2012 Results and Investments in Education
The purpose of this study is to review the PISA 2012 results of the most successful countries and Turkey in the context of investments in education relatively. To make comparisons, the PISA 2012 results of ten countries at the top of the list, OECD average and Turkey were studied. Autonomous regions in China such as Shangai and Hong Kong were considered as a country in the process of comparison. This study was designed as literature review. Document analysis technique was used in data analysis process. We obtained the data from OECD (2013a) report. The analysis showed that the ratio of expenditures per student varies but there is also an evidence that spending more money per student may be advantageous. On the other hand, tenure based salary differentials were found to be at the lowest level in Turkey. In the context of socio economic statues, the allocation of investments such as teacher-student ratio, in service training of teachers, physical infrastructure, quality index of educational materials, computer accessibility, pre primary education and time for teaching is more equal and fair in the top countries and OECD average than Turkey.

PISA, Investments in education, Socio economic status

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