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At the beginning of the 19th century Panslavism, which occurred among Slavs who are out of Russia as a literal-cultural movement, means cultural and political union of Slavs who come from the same origin. After second half of the 19th century Panslavism which developed based on politic aspect, was understood as “union of all Slavs under the Russia” in the public opinion of Europe in 1870’s. Panslavism was accepted by Russia government and Russian society during Crimean War (1853-1856). In these years Russian interests and European opposition caused the unity of sense among the Russians panslavists and Russian public opinion. The situation proposed for the agenda of Russia as maintenance and development of Russian influence on Europe and Balkans based on Panslavism after Crimean War. Although in 1854 the first time Panslavism was organised unofficially in Russia, in 1858 when Russian government accepted the establishment of Moscow Slavic Benevolent Committee, Panslavism the first time became an official movement. This Slavic organisation caused an important development for Panslavism in Russia. However in this time, it can be said that Panslavism went toward Panrussianism which was known as russianization. In order not to have an interest conflict with European Countries especially with Austria, Russia avoided using Panslavism as a political material. Nonetheless Panslavism, which is supported and protected by a large number of people in Russia, focused on diffusing over Ottoman Balkans and it played a big role for the lose of the Balkans from the Ottoman Empire.

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