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From 1997 - 1998 education period when the primary education is extended to eigth years without interruption for the first time, secondary schools have been turned out to be the second stage of primary education. According to the law which requires the eight - year - primary education without interruption, it has become compulsary to conduct students properly with guiding courses. The same law encourages guiding more effectively during the second stage of primary education. In this study, I have tried to outline my investigation regarding “ Guidance Activities Carried Out in the Second Stage of Primary Education and Students Expectations.” I have tried to find out what has made the sake of Guiding Activities at schools, what the students expect from this and whether is a harmony between these activities and students expectations. I have took a pool see the public opinion on the above mentioned questions at five primary education schools including with about 200 students, 110 of them male and 90 female students. Findings from their answers have been stated as values of frequency and percentege and by way of a ‘ t ‘ test it has been checked to see whether there was any difference in the students expectations according to their sex. As a conclusion, I have found out from my study that guidance activities presently carried out has not gone far from the from state, the students have not been given proper guiding service, no harmony between these activities and students expectations, and no difference between the students expectations in terms of their sex.


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