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Communication is very active at the each level of education. It is impossible to talk about learning information if there isn’t communication. Language is the most important and the largest material in the communication system. Especially Turkish is a very rich language both about vocabulary and about meaning variation. Idioms meanings are changing according to persons, age, sex, communication environment and education levels. We tried to know that if the second level of primary school students understand the idioms those at the first level of primary school. The target of education is that understanding the verbal idioms using at the education correctly by the learners. This research is done for the students who are attending sixth classroom of primary school in the center of the Adıyaman District. A “Test Perceiving Idioms” preparing by the researchers is used for collecting of datas at this research. The datas are used according to the SPSS packet programme, so that the evaluations are fit for findings. There are some suggestions for about the idioms must be used largely in the education. Primary Education, Turkish Teaching, Idioms.

Primary Education, Turkish Teaching, Idioms.

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